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   The Institute of Economic Affairs - probably the pre-eminent UK free market think tank
   The Globalization Institute - softcore but independent minded and they do sterling work for the free trade case
   The long story in question - why there are two Libertarian Alliances in a small country like England
   Sean Gabb's web page. Gabb is a long-standing British "libertoryan" activist with a wonderful writing style. Strongly recommended.
   The Liberal Online - A newish British libertarian website. Promising.
   The Libertarian Alliance
   The Adam Smith Institute - very statist but still some good stuff
   The Libertarian Alliance - The other one (it's a long story ....)
   Roderick Long's blog. Same comments apply as to his website (see above)
   Anti's new blog. As emollient as ground glass.
   Blog of a Christian Libertarian Economist living in Dallas
   No Treason - uncompromising anarchists who feud endlessly with, even though they agree about almost everything
   Catallarchy - top notch collective blog of sundry anarcho-capitalists and friends
   Collective blog of Gene Callahan and other good guys
   Thoughtful libertarian blog with contributions from Tyler Cowan, famed GMU economics lib prof
   David Friedman's blog - about time too! The new blog from one of Libertarianism's most original and important thinkers
   Horror stories from the NHS
   A Plod tells all
   Lib on the United Kingdom - ok I confess this is an exchange link - but seems like a sensible chap and it's nice to see another British libertarian blog
   English libertarian gun nut on 20six
   Mercenary Meme Compex - another anarcho-lib UK blog. Still not many of us but we are growing ;-)
   AngloAustria - Very promising new anglo-austrian blog
   Samizdata - big UK collective blog - plenty of good stuff, rather spoiled by some lamentably neoconish warmongering
   Blog of a Nottingham based anarcho-libertarian. A very clever chap.
   Blog of the Adam Smith Institute - mainstream so a bit wet but still well worth a read
   New Georgist semi-libertarian English blog
   Wikipedia entry on my particular kind of libertarianism. A first class introduction.
   Wikipedia entry on libertarianism - an excellent introduction
   Chelsea FC - 100 glorious years
   No idea what his politics are but this guy is very funny
   An Anti-libertarian FAQ - A collection of criticisms and attacks on libertarianism. All wrong, of course, but nevertheless a valuable place for testing our cherished beliefs against attacks from all quarters.
   Roderick Long's website. Long is an American academic philosopher and libertarian anarchist. His website has many good things on it which I will read one day when I have the time ;-( - sometimes a bit socially conservative for my taste (and some of their writers take an odd stance on immigration) but a lot of excellent hardcore libertarianism as well (they also have a blog but comments aren't allowed)
   David Friedman's Home Page - Eclectic and brilliant stuff from one of the founders of modern American libertarianism
   The Mises Institute - a leading centre of Austrian economics and THE place for everything to do with the great Murray Rothbard

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